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Multipack team in Shanghai Disneyland 2016

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In November 26/27 of 2016, Multipack team and our family members enjoyed a two-days holiday in Shanghai Disneyland.

Shanghai Disneyland is the symbol of Shanghai international tourist resort area, which is the first in mainland China, the sixth Disney theme park in the world. And this is a "Magic Kingdom"-style theme park, with six main parts: tomorrow's world, a fantasy garden, Mickey Avenue, dream world, Adventure Island, the Treasure Bay.

"Speed round" is one of the most exciting and popular project with young people in ''World of tomorrow''. Most of our team members join this project two times, it’s really so funny.


Pirates of the Caribbean is the most visual effects for the sunken treasure, beautiful picture, stereo sense is very strong. We took a pirate ship, like we were on a journey for a treasure hunting, fighting and finally raised the flag of victory.

When we were young, we enjoyed listening to stories, and the most favorite one is Snow White. Today, taking this chance, stepping up along the castle’s ladder, through the magic doors, looking for the legendary Snow White, to explore the power of fantasy.

Fly- Flying over the horizon, like ptarmigan soaring in the sky, traveling around the world: The Alps, The Great Wall,The ocean, Greenland's glaciers and polar bear, the endless desert, Long camels, The primeval forest in Africa, The Taj Mahal in Thailand, The death of the grand canyon in the United States , Hot air balloon game ,The Eiffel Tower in France, Night view of Shanghai Pudong....Maybe I have no enough time or chance to travel all these places in my entire life, but through the big screen, I really witnessed the miracle of nature and the great creator

Time flies quickly, the journey ends with a blinking. It’s limited to leave things by word, but the way under our feet, is still very long.

Multipack team is traveling twice a year, though it’s a little tired, the most important is that we all joining together in these activities and enjoyed ourselves as a team. Looking forward to having our next trip.

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